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Off I Go To Collect Safari Stories!

by Sandy

Jambo, Sweet Friends!

Speaking of packing, what do you pack for a safari? After all, if you’re taking light aircraft from lodge to lodge in the bush like I am, there are super-strict weight limits to consider. All in, I’m allowed 44 pounds of luggage, including camera equipment. Only soft-sided bags will be accepted: No wheels, no frames and no rigid structures.

“How is this possible,” you might be asking yourself.

Join me this Thursday, November 9 on my Facebook page, The Sandy Papers, for a live chat on what I’m packing and why I’m packing it. We’ll cover clothing, camera equipment and the type of luggage I’m taking along. We’ll also talk about things like health and safety, the countries I’m visiting and shopping because of course! And I’ll show you a few little extra things I’m packing to help make any safari more comfortable and enjoyable.

See you Thursday!

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