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Haunted Castle of the Month: Ballyseede Castle, Tralee, Ireland

by Sandy

Stunning Balleyseede Castle has a not-so-secret secret: It’s haunted!

Stunning Ballyseede Castle has a not-so-secret secret: It’s haunted! Named one of the World’s Most Haunted Hotels by Trip Advisor, Ballyseede Castle is now an exquisite five-star hotel; and, in April of this year, I had the opportunity to stay here for a few days to conduct a little paranormal research of my own. Built during the 16th Century, Ballyseede’s haunted history dates back to the days of the Earl of Desmond who was beheaded on the hotel grounds a a warning to any rebels plotting against Henry VIII. The present castle dates back to 1721 and has been the scene of strange and mysterious goings-on, everything from disembodied voices and laughter to actual apparitions… like Hilda.

But don’t take my word for it. Come inside and have a look around for yourself.

Step inside the stately Library Bar and you’ll find wonderfully-comfortable leather seating, a fantastic selection of craft beers and a carved oak wainscot dated 1627. Oh, and Hilda! Once owned by Hilda Blennerhassett and her family, Hilda is said to make her presence felt as she did one night in 1998 when the residents of the castle vacated their rooms and were never heard from again.

The staff of Ballyseede have had also many of their own experiences. However, Esther has had more than her fair share. One morning, Esther was due to take inventory and had exclusive access to the premises. As she approached the castle, Esther could clearly see a shadow at Hilda’s window and it looked as if the television and the lights were on. After frantically unlocking the front door and rushing up the stairs, Esther ran into the Crosby Room, only to discover that everything was turned off. Almost as if to let Esther know that it wasn’t her imagination, this occurrence repeated itself the following day.

Another worker reported seeing a wardrobe banging and crashing around in a room in which he was working and he refused to enter the room ever again.

Of course, Hilda isn’t the only spirit to wander the halls of this stunning estate. Former landlords also keep a careful watch on the upkeep of Ballyseede and, undoubtedly, the ghosts of those who were executed or died in battle remain on the grounds or in nearby Ballyseede Woods where the original house once stood.

To be clear, while I didn’t see while I did not personally encounter any spirits myself, I did witness enough to become convinced that Ballyseede plays host to ghosts of residents both present… and past.

Said to also appear every year on 24 March since 1998, Hilda Blennerhassett was the last of the Blennerhassett clan. R.I.P. Hilda Blennerhassett, 1864-1965 🗝💀🍷

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