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Better Cake Than Never

by Sandy

Mention the word ‘cake’ and I’m instantly transported back to my childhood. My earliest memory of cake is at my second birthday party. A tea party, actually, complete with tiny teapots, dainty dishes and impossibly pretty dresses. To be fair, I don’t actually remember eating the cake, but I do remember the cake.

So, what makes a cake great? Is it the flavors and textures? Is it the aromas, the colors, the decorations? For me, it is all of these things. From sponge to chiffon to chocolate and back, I love cake! No special occasion required. And, because I’m me, I don’t stop there. I have made it my mission to personally seek out the best cakes from all over the world and share my findings with you.

Which brings me to Lovecrumbs. Lovecrumbs is nestled in the most wonderful block of secondhand bookshops just around the corner from Grassmarket in Edinburgh, Scotland. How much do I love Lovecrumbs? Every day! I popped by Lovecrumbs every day for tea, cake and delightful conversation. Lovecrumbs is absolutely everything I look for in a cake shop: Cozy seating, casual vibes, friendly service (thank you, Tom and Rowan!) and freshly-baked cakes from scratch in the most weirdly-wonderful flavor combinations! Lovecrumbs also offers a selection of loose-leaf teas (my personal favorite, Lemongrass Marigold) and premium coffees, including a daily Guest Filter.

Picking a favorite cake here, however, is nearly impossible. But, if I had to choose, I would probably go with Chocolate Lavender. Or maybe the White Chocolate Cardamom. No, no! Chocolate Coconut. Wait! Maybe Pistachio Rose. On second thought…

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